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Greg Hannah

Comment on Cherry Electrical & Solar

Thumbs Up

Very efficient, friendly service, top class tradesman.


Comment on Cherry Electrical & Solar


Top bloke. Explained how it all worked and I liked he's a Newy local. Had plenty of questions and Bruce easily answered them and explained a few things I wasn't sure on. Get your solar from this bloke as he will really look after you.

Harry + Carol


Electrical Work

We have Bruce do all our electrical work as he always gives us good advice and a couple of options. We have always been extremely happy with the quality of his work.

Highly recommended.

Paul + Aleisha


Young Couple

We just built a new home and we were recommended to Bruce by friends. We wanted a solar panel system that was going to last and save us money in the future and we loved that it ended up being an Aussie made product not Chinese like so many others.

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