At Cherry Electrical and Solar we like to share our knowledge and tips with our clients and anyone interested or considering installing solar for their home or office.  We are also fully licensed electricians and can install whatever you need around your home from downlights to powerpoints, light switches to garden lighting.

Why would I consider a battery backup system for my home?

Until we have a blackout or brownout we don't always think of how much we rely on the power always being on at a flick of a switch. So what happens when the power goes out now? Do you use the roller door to access your home as well as getting your car out of the garage? Then you will need to do it manually unless you have a battery backup system installed. If you want to charge your iPhone or iPad, use the computer, use the NBN internet and even the home/office phone - none of it will be working... what a pain... unless you decided to have a battery backup system installed as part of your solar power system or have a battery-ready system installed. It really does pay to plan ahead and cons

Does size matter?

Larger solar power systems, such as a 5kW unit, will produce significantly more power than a smaller, 2kW system. The size of the solar power system you install has a significant impact on the amount of money you can save on your electricity and also how much electricity you can store and how much you have in reserve to use during a brownout or blackout period. It’s important to choose a system that is large enough to cover your current power usage, lessen your payback period and maximise your return on the money you have invested to put your solar system in. Every solar power system Cherry Electrical installs is designed for your individual home needs and budget... simply ask us how.


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