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Going Solar? Go Cherry!

With so many different solar players in the field how do you know which one to go with? We give you some tips to help you make your first steps.

1. Go Local

No one understands you better than someone who has lived in your area and knows the ins and outs of a changing industry.

Cherry Electrical & Solar have been in the Newcastle/Hunter area for over 25 years and still going strong.

2. Have Questions... we have the Answers

With all new technology and changes that affect us financially, we all have a million questions we want answered – who do you ask and who do you trust to give you good, honest advice?

Cherry Electrical and Solar are here to assist you in making that decision... whether you go with our services or not - we believe in sharing our knowledge, that knowledge is power and that power provide you with the ability to make informed choices and decisions.

3. Solar power systems are all the same aren't they?

They are if we were only interested in selling you a product quickly and interested in selling you finance...

We can take you through what systems are available and what system best suits your specific requirements for your home and energy usage both now and for the future. Solar is not a one-size-fits-all beast and some systems can't be easily upgraded to provide battery backup. Bruce will take the time to talk to you to find out how you use energy around your home, so he can give you the best advice for your specific circumstances.

4. When's a good time to go solar?

Where do I start?

Start by contacting Cherry Electrical and Solar, arrange an appointment, discuss your needs and go from there. It's that simple. Call Bruce on 0418 682 285

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