At Cherry Electrical and Solar we like to share our knowledge and tips with our clients and anyone interested or considering installing solar for their home or office.  We are also fully licensed electricians and can install whatever you need around your home from downlights to powerpoints, light switches to garden lighting.

Cherry electrical + solar facts #2

So you've decided to put on solar power to your home... great decisions. So you got it for a cheap price... yet what did you trade off for the lower cost? Unfortunately some solar power ads are run by marketing companies who make their money from financing your purchase and use contract installers to put up your panels and install your system. What do you do if they go out of business or you need to call them for urgent repairs or servicing? and how long will that take? Shopping locally has great advantages over the interstate guys wanting to do the sale. Cherry Electrical + Solar are a local, Newcastle-owned and operated business with the runs on the board for quality and reliability.

Cherry electrical + solar facts #1

Australia has the highest rate of solar panels on homes in the world! that's pretty impressive. 15% of our roofs are sporting solar panels. Us Aussies are early adopters of green energy with Belgium coming in 2nd with around 7%. So let Cherry Electrical keep you on top and save money on electricity bills. Aussie Aussie Aussie... Oi! Oi! Oi!

Double your Bacon in June with 2 FREE Solar Panels

Get in now... save your bacon for a holiday away! Contact Cherry Electrical & Solar for great deals on solar panel systems. YES... Battery ready for future upgrade YES... water and weather proof YES... Aussie made Redback Technologies supporting our local companies with products designed for our conditions.

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